Friday, March 5, 2010

Finishing is Impossible!

AH! I have so many projects I'm working on, and I'm not finishing any, it's frying my brain cells!

I have a scarf that is...maybe 1/3 done.  

I have the afghan for Kurt which will take a while, but I do a couple squares every other day.

I have dishcloths I want to make and send off.

I have the snuggy for Sirona that is cut out and needs to be sewn - where is my fabulous friend when I need her?  (She should come over for a sewing party so I kick my butt and do nothing but sew!!!)

And then I have a table runner I want to make to match the placemats that I finished. (Yay one thing finished!)

Maybe this weekend I can convince Kurt to hold off the world for 2 hours so I can sew and crochet!  Maybe if I cleaned and got my "craft area" set up...then I'd be more prone to work!  

*pulls out hair*

On a happy note, my sweet little man is feeling better! He's still a little stuffy, but he can once again breathe!  I'm so happy he's better, and that we will finally get some sleep at nights! :D

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  1. Maybe if we make Kurt a shield he'd be better equipped to hold off the world! However, we'd need to squeeze in the time to do it. haha.

    I'll come by this weekend and motivate you. Just lemme know if one day/time is better than the next.

    Glad Ev is starting to feel better!


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