Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sewing Party!

So - our sewing party had some ups and downs.

First, my machine wouldn't sew!  Luckily Jennie is a magician and took stuff apart and cleaned and BOOM, like magic, I could sew again!
We were both working on slankets (fleece blankets with arms) , and finished them!
In the process, Jennie got lint all over herself, and the floor!

I also managed to break myself! Not really, I just tried to sew my finger! I got an ugly blood blister, and a band-aid, and a kiss to make it all better!  Then I pouted for good measure, and Jennie finished my sleeves!

Now she has something warm and SUPER soft - Everett loved the fabric also!

The slanket I made was for Sirona, and now I'm debating buying fabric for myself!!! :D

One project off the list!  I also got my craft table set up, but will post before and after pictures of down here at a later date :D

-Pink out -


  1. 1. Mom thought that was a picture of Jessica.
    2. Yay for sewing parties! Going to do one of these!
    3. mom wants to be added to the email list of this blog yeah?
    4. I am now following your friends blog too.
    5. i love you and miss you and wish you would motivate me to finish my apron.

  2. Yay! Sewing party! It was tons of fun. No more injuring yourself, though! I <3 my slanket. I decided when I'm @ the computer that it's more fun to wear backward but when I'm watching TV, I wear it the right way.

    @Melissa - Thanks for following me and bringing my readership up to 7! hehe. (It use to be much more but I'm a blog abandoner) PS - What kind of apron are you making??


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