Saturday, October 9, 2010

Saturday Cutting makes for Sunday Sewing

Phew what a day! I finished quilting a quilt top, and machine sewed the binding on the top. Just need to hand sew tomorrow.  Got a table runner done for fall.  And then I cut cut cut!  The hubby is cutting out 2 1/2 inch squares for a quilt he wants...and he hates it!  I chose the less frustrating route, and cut some purses I'm making for my MILs friend.

So tomorrow, while the football game is on, I can hand sew my binding and have a restful Sunday, with a sense of accomplishment!!


  1. I can't believe I'm reading the word" hubby" in the same sentence as "cutting out 2 1/2" squares" well done! MH still calls quilts "rugs"! so I don't see him at the cutting table anytime soon:-)

    Just looking at your cosmetic bags - I've just finished a similar bag but it has visible seams inside the bag which I overlocked but was wondering if there was a way to construct the bag so the seams are all within the bag fabric and lining?????

  2. Haha! You did see hubby and cutting squares. He is actually starting to make art quilts. So far just small wall hanging sizes. I'll post some pictures when he has one all quilted :D

    And for the bags - there is an awesome tutorial here:

    She makes them so you can't see the seams. It's pretty straightforward...but if you have questions email me and we can figure it out :D

    Hope that helps!


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