Wednesday, December 15, 2010

10 Days Until Christmas

Really??  I should be RELAXING at this point - reveling in how amazing I am at planning and coordinating - looking at a tree filled with wrapped gifts.

In reality - I am finishing two projects today.  And have one I haven't even started! (Can I pull my hair out now??)  Add to that - I am waiting for a package and it might be late!!  My husbands family is coming into town this weekend for Christmas.  I have all the gifts done but one! I ordered Dec 4th, and it says it should come on Friday.  I really have my fingers and toes crossed on this one.  I'd hate to have one person out a gift because the post office has a vendetta against me!!

Edited - while I was at the computer whining away, my lovely postal lady delivered the package I needed! Time for a quick prayer of gratitude, and wrapping paper! :D

On a brighter note - I've joined a UFO group (look on the right side and click the pretty pretty button for more info), and I think I'm gonna steal a few minutes and make MYSELF a little mug rug.  Just because I have the fabric, and it might help keep me sane :D

Hope everyone else is ready for Christmas! It really is coming up on us fast!

And, so this isn't a thoroughly depressing post (for me as well as you my wonderful readers) some pictures of things I DID get finished last week.
Reversible Market Tote

Side 2 - I've since cut the hanging string ;P

Close Up of Fabric - I love the motion of the pattern.

Pincushion with Thread Catcher for my friend

Cute fabric! I'm happy she likes it! :D


  1. Tiffany!! Do you know how excited I was to pop into your blog and find the UFO button! Oh my goodness!! EXCITING!!!
    I love your blue swirly fabric, and your pincushion thread catches are so cute! The first time I saw one, I can't tell you how bad I wanted one, too.
    Then I thought a second more and realized my little cat Daisy would try to climb into the bag part and it would all go crashing into the floor . . .
    Oh, well!
    I'm sure your friend will enjoy it. You picked great fabrics.

  2. Awe...I so love getting my mail in a timely fashion! =) Glad your package finally arrived...I love that little sewing caddy/pincushion!


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