Tuesday, December 21, 2010

New Fabric

This past week brought yummy goodies in the mail!  The hubby and I both got fabric. (Have I mentioned he's a new quilter?  He's more focused on art quilts, but I've been bribing him to help me finish Christmas gifts.  Check him out here.)

Here are the yummies we got in the mail:
Lots of pastels for a quilt I have in mind for myself!

These are some for the hubby.

And these.  But I want to steal that chevron print :D

My very first oilcloth
I have yet to make anything with oilcloth, so I've been looking at some websites online with tips, techniques and patterns.  Now that I have this yummy oilcloth, I have to decide what to do with it! I have a yard of it, so maybe I'll be able to squeeze a couple projects out of it!


  1. Love the fabrics you and Kurt received! Enjoy creating!!

  2. Love oilcloth! I've only made a couple things... here's my advice: make sure you use your walking foot. It will handle the material like a champ!


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