Monday, March 29, 2010

Oh Brother!

So - my new sewing machine.  It's love!

Fancy feet, fancy new stitches!  It was a great deal also!  I got it for dirt cheap, compared to what it usually goes for! <3 Amazon!!! :D

It's a Brother CS6000i machine.  Super cool! And I have all the quilting feet I need to do fancy stuff!  I also ordered new thread, bought fabric for the quilt I'm gonna make for our new "room of zen" (pictures when I finish my closet this week!!)  and for pincushions and a table runner!  I'm so happy and excited!  Now I gotta find free time for a sewing party!!!


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A fun all about me post!!!

Hehe.  So, it's been a long long weekend with the little man sick!  So, tonight, I took an hour and did my nails!  I filled them, and polished them!  It's not perfect, but for my very first fill, I think I did pretty good!!! :D

The only drawback living room stinks! hehe.

Here is a pic, from my camera on my phone, so it's not gorgeous :(

Let's hear it for girl time!! :D

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy Green Day!

Green Cookies for St. Patty's Day! Yum Yum!!! Gonna make corn beef and cabbage for dinner tomorrow also (seperately tho or else half the family won't consume it - picky people)
Also, if my unmentionables are green does that count? ;)
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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Crazy Faces

Everett has taken to making a new face - scrunching his nose and making a sort of oink sound.  I blame the books with pigs and oinks, and us actually reading to him! xD

He looks angry, but he's not, and its so adorable! He does it while eating, playing, reading, anytime!


Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sewing Party!

So - our sewing party had some ups and downs.

First, my machine wouldn't sew!  Luckily Jennie is a magician and took stuff apart and cleaned and BOOM, like magic, I could sew again!
We were both working on slankets (fleece blankets with arms) , and finished them!
In the process, Jennie got lint all over herself, and the floor!

I also managed to break myself! Not really, I just tried to sew my finger! I got an ugly blood blister, and a band-aid, and a kiss to make it all better!  Then I pouted for good measure, and Jennie finished my sleeves!

Now she has something warm and SUPER soft - Everett loved the fabric also!

The slanket I made was for Sirona, and now I'm debating buying fabric for myself!!! :D

One project off the list!  I also got my craft table set up, but will post before and after pictures of down here at a later date :D

-Pink out -

Friday, March 5, 2010

Finishing is Impossible!

AH! I have so many projects I'm working on, and I'm not finishing any, it's frying my brain cells!

I have a scarf that is...maybe 1/3 done.  

I have the afghan for Kurt which will take a while, but I do a couple squares every other day.

I have dishcloths I want to make and send off.

I have the snuggy for Sirona that is cut out and needs to be sewn - where is my fabulous friend when I need her?  (She should come over for a sewing party so I kick my butt and do nothing but sew!!!)

And then I have a table runner I want to make to match the placemats that I finished. (Yay one thing finished!)

Maybe this weekend I can convince Kurt to hold off the world for 2 hours so I can sew and crochet!  Maybe if I cleaned and got my "craft area" set up...then I'd be more prone to work!  

*pulls out hair*

On a happy note, my sweet little man is feeling better! He's still a little stuffy, but he can once again breathe!  I'm so happy he's better, and that we will finally get some sleep at nights! :D