Sunday, January 30, 2011

Baby Quilt Finish

My Lovely sister Melissa is pregnant, and due Feb 16th  - so I knew I had to make a little quilt.  Finally - a girl!  Here is a picture of it started :
Start of Eleanors quilt
And here it is all finished - I used a prepackaged satin type binding, so its soft and silky for her.  I hope she loves it.

Front of Eleanors Quilt

The back is flannel print :

 Back of Eleanors quilt

I am sad to see this little one go.  I did easy quilting - just diagonally across the quilt. <3  This quilt makes me happy.  Do you have quilts that do that for you?



  1. What a cheerful and cute quilt. Maybe she will have a Valentine's baby :)


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