Monday, January 3, 2011

BOM and Beading Attempt

One of my local quilt stores has a "super sunday" block of the month.  You buy your starter block for $5, and if you come back the next month on the first sunday, with your completed block, you get the next block free!!  The border and binding kit cost me about 28....but that means I get a full size quilt (if I can keep up) for under 40 bucks! (I will eventually need backing...but that's 12 months from now!!)

So here is my first Super Sunday block.  Look at the cute fabric.  Will make a perfect gift for a little girl...

Super Sunday Block1

Another closeup
Love paisley!
Closeup of fabric

And I decided to attempt this bracelet - and followed the tutorial, sans cinching beads.  I will be refining this...because cinching beads are apparently an important step.  So noted.  It was my first beading creation, so I'm pretty proud! And look - PINK!

Willy Nilly Bracelet

Willy Nilly Bracelet


  1. What a great idea from your shop! And the fabrics are cute!! Can't wait to see what next month's fabric look like!

    Great job on the beads! I'm afraid to start another "obsession" - I have too many UFOs to do :)

  2. Great photos thanks for sharing. I enjoy reading your blog very much.

  3. Tiffany your bracelet came out so so cute!! I love the bead combination you did! Great job. ;)


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