Wednesday, March 30, 2011

WIP Wednesday

Finally a finish! This lovely pink and black wonky cross has the binding all sewn on it now!

I'm posting this on the flickr pool for "I'm just a guy who quilts".  It was inspired and based on his tutorial for a baby quilt.

Binding reads "Ps I Love you"

Shot of the quilting on the back - black flannel

New this week:
Making a lunch bag for my husband for work.
Sewing binding on the twin to the wonky cross quilt I finished this week.
More diaper clutches. 
3/6 Napkins done for my MIL (Pictures on a seperate post later!)
Supernova QIL - still need to cut out :S



  1. Wonderful quilt! My daughter would love the skull fabric - lol! Sounds as if you have had a busy week.

  2. I really like the pink & black combo! Looks like some fun pink fabrics in there.

  3. Wonderful quilt, the fabrics are fun and the brown is a great addition!

  4. The pink and black quilt turned out great! Thanks for linking up, have a wonderful week. : )

  5. Man I love this! Sorry I've been slow on checking my blogs! This is soooo cute! Did I mention I loved it? <3 <3


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