Monday, April 18, 2011

An Oops and a Thank you

First the thank you! To my dear friend - Carolyn the veggie hunter.  I sent her a package of buttons and other goodies and she sent me lovely fabric and beads and other goodies!  Such fun!

Next, my oops! I am doing the quilt along at freshly pieced...and I messed up my first block.  Since I had aleady cut off my extra fabric, it stayed an oops, and will be the middle block.  I guess this means my quilt will be also means I've been putting off my other blocks so I am way behind! Here's to today and trying to catch up!!!



  1. Yeah! You got your package! I'm glad it finally made its way to you.

  2. Hey! I like your oops! It looks pinwheel-ish. You gotta love how a little re-arrangement (intentional or unintentional) can create a whole new pattern! : )


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