Saturday, October 29, 2011

I've been a bad swapper...and an update

It's true, I've been a bad swapper.  I am a month behind on my bee blocks! I apologized to my hostess, and am trying to get caught up.  For some reason, in addition to not finding time, the block is stumping me.  It's a bunch of HSTs, but I feel like I can't get them perfect.  It is halfway sewn now, so hopefully this weekend I can work on it, depending on how I feel.

I just had gall bladder surgery this past Thursday.  Thank you to my friends and family members who have been keeping me in your thoughts and prayers.  My recovery, so far, is going well. The pain medication is definetly helping, and so is a lot of rest and sleep.  Unfortunately, my sleeping schedule is off so I am now awake at 2:30am blogging this.

PhotobucketI now understand how easy it is to get behind on your swapping.  One month behind and it seems to pile up, and the guilt piles up.  Boy do I ever feel guilty! Has this happened to any of you, my dear readers?  I hope to get caught up and not get behind again.  What a terrible terrible feeling. 


  1. Well, sweetie, I wish you would have told us this! I hope you heal up FAST FAST FAST and get to feeling wonderful very soon!

  2. Holy cow! Surgery? Well I think it is ok that you are behind. I am behind right now, LOL! Hang in there!!

  3. I was almost a month late with the last Lets Bee together block. No sickness, I was happily cutting the strips for the blocks and not thinking ahead that the last strip I should not cut the length of the fabric or I would be 1/2 an inch short for the middle square... ... oops. Hey, it was actually for Shannon and she commented before me! Long story short - as long as you contacted the hostess, you are guilt free. Just heal up my friend.

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