Monday, December 5, 2011

Quilted Name Tag

For our quilt guild meeting this coming Thursday, we are having a quilted name tag challenge.  Here is what I whipped up tonight, using this tutorial loosely, for my name tag.  This was my first time attempting machine sewn binding, I am a hand sew kinda girl, and I'm not sure I liked it.  I feel like you can see all my little oopsies!  But in spite of that....I LOVE IT!

 Isn't a cutie? It's about 3.5 just to figure how to make it a name tag so I can wear it.  Any ideas??



  1. Did you bind it starting on the back or the front?

  2. Awesome!! For mine I sewed a tiny piece of binding onto the back, slipped a safety pin through, and it works just like any other name tag! :) or you could make a little lanyard thing for it to hang on. :)


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