Sunday, January 8, 2012

Finish a Long with me!

I've decided to participate in the FAL (Finish A Long) at Quilter in the Gap

I took pictures of my UFOs I would like to complete.  I'm sad that I have to many pretties in various forms waiting for me to finish them.  Maybe I have a little quilter ADD.
Here are my UFOs:

 1. Star Quilt.  This is my Bee quilt from Let's Bee Together.  I still need to finish it with more borders, and then the top will be finished.

 2. Super nova quilt from Freshly Pieced QAL.  Need to finish the blocks and sew the top together.  Poor beautiful quilt, sitting in a bucket!

 3. Red and White quilt.  This is my first ever quilt! And it's been sitting folded as a top for a long time.  Need to get up and get this poor baby quilted - have the back pieced and ready to go too!

 4. Asian Fan Quilt.  This is all quilted.  Just needs to be trimmed and bound.  There is one fan, in the bottom left hand corner, that needs to be "repaired".  The applique stitch is coming off.  Since it needs to be repaired, and I am a chicken, it has been sitting since it came back from the long armer.  Seeing it almost ready is breaking my heart - this quilt is going to go on our bed once it's done.  Maybe now I will have the motivation to repair the applique and finish this one. 

 5.  My brown and colored quilt.  This has two rows pieced, and the rest is sitting in a bucket cut up.  If not for it being cut and started, I would scrap it.  It's an original design, and for some reason I have no faith in my ability to have designed this quilt top :S  Now that I'm showing the world, I am determined to finish it, even if it doesn't turn out how I envisioned it when I drew it up.

6. Wonky square Christmas quilt.  I have the backing and binding for this one ready.  Just need to decide how I want to quilt it, and get it all put together.

Phew.  Now I feel like I am airing my dirty laundry.  Let's hope I can get some of these finished, if not all of them, so I can show you all that yes, I can clean that dirty laundry!!! :D



  1. that's lot to get done in one quarter, but by putting it out there,I hope that the accountability (and motivation!)factor skyrockets you to the finish line!

    I always loved the supernova quilt--that is a stellar (pardon the pun) design and it looks like your color/print choices are amazing. I can hardly wait to see your progression!

    I, too, have a #5. It really only gives me grief so I think it might just get tossed. I gave a lot of thought as to how i would like this year to feel, so if something doesn't trigger an internal enthusiastic response I'm going to change it or toss it!

    which one is first? HOw about #4 seeing as it's the closest to done (*success!*). don't worry about perfect repair: you are the only one who will "see" the repair; you are the only judge. unless of course, you planned to enter it in a quilt show? ;o)

  2. Those are beautiful WIPs and they'll be even more beautiful when they are finished!

  3. I agree with Duff. Start with the ones that require the less work. That way you feel a little success. It will likely catapult you into more motivation. Thanks for linking up and playing with us.

  4. Great list of wonderful projects. Your first one is so cool. I can even see the block I made for you!!


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