Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Teal and brown Quilt

Wow!  I have a finished quilt! This one was a long time coming - my MIL and I got the kit months ago, and I modified the pattern.  She wanted a quilt/throw that would be decoration on the couch - so skinnier than a normal quilt.  I took the quilt pattern and halved it, making the quilt identical on both sides.  This reversible quilt whipped up super fast, but I had trouble quilting it.  I had it halfway done and had to pull out stitches - my stippling was leaving something to be desired.  Last weekend I decided to buck up and finish this baby!
Here it is :

This quilt finished at about 30 by 54.  It's currently on the couch now, and it makes a great addition to the room - if I say so myself ;)



  1. A finish!!! Woo-Hoo!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't you just SMILE every time you look at it?!

  2. Love the colors and so happy to hear about finishes! I am almost finished quilting a baby quilt... Can't wait to call it a finish too : ). Well done.

  3. it's a great finish and lovely colors

  4. Beautiful, I love the colours and fabrics you used.


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