Saturday, November 10, 2012

100 Day Hustle Mid Way Link Up

1. Baby quilt for my new niece - finally decided on a quilt, have fabric.  That's all the progress.
2. Cosmo bag for me - still halfway done.  No more progress.
3. Red and Black bag for MIL - no progress
4. Green and Blue Mini quilt for me - PROGRESS! Finally! Have it all cut out and part way sewn.  Yay!

5. 4 quilts to be sent to longarmer and binding to be found, made, and put on. - Sigh
6. Blue green and pink quilt - Still undecided on pattern.
7. Marmalade quilt - No progress
8. OYGB Quilt - Still undecided on sashing.
 9. Black, red and white quilt - Quilt pattern decided.  No other progress.
10. Scrap vomit quilt - participated in a couple swaps, so still collecting fabric.  But making progress. :P

Linking up : Kelsey Sews -


  1. Commentary on number 5 is the best... *le sigh* Sounds like you are making some good headway - keep hustlin!

  2. LOVE the green and blue! I want to make a scrap vomit so badly! Hustle on!


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