Monday, November 19, 2012

MMMRR Reveal Day!

 Modern Mini Mystery Round Robin Quilt Reveal Day!!!  WOOHOO!!

I am so excited! I will put a better picture up later, but I forgot to get a good one while the sun was shining!  Oopsie.  I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE all the work everyone put into my quilt. 
I started with a small 6.5 inch square, you can see it off center, the pink, white and grey block.  Everyone who got it for a turn then made a border, intricate or simple, and passed it onto the next person.  I had so much fun doing this, I'd love to do it again.

Now the hard part - what do I do with it? Do I leave it a mini and hang it up and enjoy it, or make it a quilt and snuggle and enjoy it?  Any opinions? 

Thanks for stopping by!

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Kathy --


  1. That one turned out pretty cool and yes it is hard to decide what to do with it. But I think for that one, if it were me, I'd leave it as a mini. Just my 2 cents.

  2. Nice I'd keep it as a mini and put it on a wall where it could continue to inspire

  3. I added your first border and it is so amazing to see what others added after that. It did turn out wonderful! I'm working on what to do with mine as well. My problem is I have very little wall space...

  4. I was challenged trying to figure out what to add to your mini (ask my daughter, I finally made her choose fabric since I couldn't make up my mind!) and I am so glad you like it. Thank you for adding to my mini too!! :D


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