Thursday, May 31, 2012

OYGB Orange Block Tutorial

Here is a tutorial for a block I designed, and the lovely Grendleskin helped test for me!!

I used 2 fabrics, the main fabric I used orange, and the accent I used white.

Cutting Directions:
From main fabric (orange) cut 4 5x5
From main fabric (orange) cut 1 2.5x20 piece
From accent fabric (white) cut 1 5x5
From accent fabric(white) cut 2 1.75x20 pieces

Sewing Directions:
Sew whites on either side of orange strips.

Cut into 4 5x5 squares.
stripes before cutting
Lay out as follows:
Top Row: Orange, Stripe, Orange
Middle: Stripe, white, stripe
Bottom: Orange, stripe, orange
All stripes should be facing "in" and make a plus.


Sew rows together.
Block will be 14" unfinished.

Grendleskins block

Sunday, May 13, 2012