Friday, August 31, 2012

Happy And Sad

Can I be both at one time you ask? Yes, yes I can.  I am happy because I started a new job - something I thought I wouldn't have the courage to do a year ago...I am really enjoying being a working woman.  I am sad also because I miss time with the family! I miss being a SAHM, and am adjusting to that.  My little guy starts school two days a week next week, and he is fine with Grandma and his Aunt Tammy babysitting him, so I know he is well taken care of.

Now just to find the time to craft!!!!


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Charming Travelers Winner picked number 5!

I'd love to get in on this! I've got charms to share and would love some new ones to add to my collection. :)

I will be emailing shortly to get mailing address - and hope it finds a happy new temporary home :)


Thursday, August 16, 2012

Charming Travelers Giveaway - Closed

Recently, I won something! (Everyone cheer!)

I won the charming travelers RED pack.  I received it this week, got to play with the charm squares, and now I get to pass it on!!!!  How fun.

The rules:
  • winners must be active bloggers
  • you must reside in the US
  • before sending the charm pack off to the next winner, there must be 56 - 5" x 5" squares of fabric inside - please no yucky fabrics
  • to help keep the map updated, winners will fill out the quick and easy form to let me know where you are!
  • if the charm pack arrives full of unwanted charms, let her know and we'll clear it out and fill it back up with some more beautiful fabrics!
To enter, just leave a comment!  That's it, easy peasy! Please make sure you are NOT a no-reply blogger, or that you leave your email address so I can contact you if you're a winner!

The pretties I took out

A peek at the charm stack
Giveaway will close August 22nd.

Also, go check this site out....she started the charming travelers, keeps the map updated, and updates when there are giveaways for the charming travelers!! Also, she rocks a pretty cool blog! :D

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

On the Shores of Lake Michigan

Our trips wear him out

MIL and her cousin Holly

MIL, me, Hubby

A small lighthouse

My MILS cousin was visiting from Arkansas, and wanted to see the beach/shore of Lake Michigan, so we took a trip.  It's only about 45 minutes away - don't know why I don't go more often, it was beautiful! I'm planning more family trips there this summer :D