Friday, January 11, 2013

2013 Finish Along Quarter 1

I'm determined to get more projects FINISHED this year than I did last year.  I want to work through some UFO's baby!  So, in order to hopefully help stay accountable, I am joining another group.  The finish along with she can quilt.
she can quilt
Here is my list so far:

The red and white quilt of doom! This I hope to quilt this month!!

This mini quilt is now just sitting.  Poor gorgeous thing

This mini is sitting basted! How sad am i?!?

This beauty for my niece is still sitting :(  She has a birthday in February.  Maybe I can finish by then???

I think I only have 2 blocks left to make this a quilt top!!

I need to figure out borders for this

Supernova.  In a bucket.  Wow.

Think this quilt might be turned into a bed runner instead.  Well, probably 3 bed runners ;)  One at a time though!!

 8 projects. Wow.  And this doesn't even cut into my stuff.  PROJECT SHAME!! Lol. 

The worst part is - I have projects set aside NOT cut into that aren't technically UFO's that I should work on also.  Maybe I should be on a fabric diet - no new projects until I finish what I've started :D


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