Friday, July 19, 2013

Tshirt Quilts

I am working on two tshirt quilts for a lovely cousin of mine.  I don't want to show pictures or go into details, they are surprises, but let me tell you  - I don't think they are for me! >.>

I fused interfacing on all the blocks, cut them out, and have one all sashed and bordered.  The other is ready for sashing.  I felt that it was hard to keep an accurate 1/4 inch, because of the interfacing.  Maybe I need a new needle?  So I did a lot of unpicking and restitching, which is always fun (not).

I think, though, I will enjoy finishing them - I plan on tying them, and they will be the first quilts I tie all by myself!  Well, I might enlist the help of my husband and MIL.  LOL.

I will show pictures of them once they are gifted :)


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  1. I have also finished a T-shirt quilt for my aunt. I did not find it difficult sewing the 1/4" seam. I used a light weight fusable linning. Cannot wait to see how yours tie up. I just going to stich in the ditch on mine.


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