Thursday, August 1, 2013

Tying Quilts

Phew - tying quilts can be a lot of work.  I didn't buy a high loft batting, I used the lower loft cotton batting I had on hand, and I think that made it harder to pull the needle through.  But I now have two large quilts all tied, binding sewed down to the front, ready to hand stitch!  Thanks to my lovely helpers tying it, it went by faster than if I had tried to do it myself.

My friend is coming tonight to help me hand sew and catch up, so that will be nice :)  Extra sets of skilled hands are always welcome in my book.

In other news, my "fabric diet" is over I think.  Hubs let me go quilt store shopping the other day, and I picked up some coordinating fabrics for his travel quilt.  I need to lay all that fabric out when the sun is shining so you can see all the pretties!


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