Tuesday, September 3, 2013

It's a Sister Thing Swap Rec'd

Eek! I loved "stalking" my partner this summer, and I loved being stalked.  I think my partner got a good vibe of what I liked and who I am.  I can't show what I sent until she receives it, but I can show you what arrived for me.  But before I do - seriously - she made her own packaging!!!  It was so cool.

Here is my loot:

Do you see that lovely pouch?!?  Its pink and floral, and lovely.  The top fabric, the blue polka dot, is the inside.  And then some fabric and thread to top it off.  I was so giddy to open this up and see it.

This swap was hosted here.

My partner blogs here.

Those blogs are both worth checking out! Talented ladies! :D

Thanks again to my partner!  She rocked it!



  1. Just awesome. I'm so glad that you enjoyed this swap and you can bet that I'll likely host another sometime in the future.

  2. Glad you like everything! It was a pleasure stalking you!


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