Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Fabriholics Anonymous WIP List

Okay - I'm taking the plunge.  I am putting my UFO/NewFO list out there and listing all the projects I have yet to start, am in the middle of, need to finish, etc etc. it is in no particular order:
To quilt:
Ellie's Quilt
Star Quilt

To piece:
Scrap Vomit (Still need more squares)
Orange and white bee quilt
living room quilt
Venetian Dream quilt
Asian fabric inspired quilt
Red and Black
Block of the month Red and Black
Butterfly/Neutral quilt
Brown coin quilt
Everetts Quilt
Minnesota Wild Quilt
Supernova Quilt
Travel Quilt
Americana Quilt
Orange and Pink Quilt
Dancing Stars

Decorative Pillow for MIL
4 Living room pillows for me

Brown purse
red bag
green vinyl bag
sewing bag

Table toppers:
Snowman topper
double cross runner
grey/red runner

PJ Pants

PHEW! I can't believe the list.  I didn't number it - I'm too afraid!!!  I think I covered all my projects waiting in bins/bags/containers.  Terrible! is to finishing and using what fabric I have!

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Edited to add: Linking up with Inspiration Palooza

The Champ Life
My favorite quilt finish from this year - the baby one I made.  I love how bright and happy it is!!!



  1. That is such a cheerful quilt! I love the colors. And it sounds like you will be very busy in 2014 for sure! ;) Thanks for linking up!

    1. Thanks for having the linkup! I think it will, hopefully, help me be held accountable more. I need to get some stuff done! too long this beautiful fabric has sat!! :)

  2. Hahahah I love that you didn't number true it is Very Scary!

  3. I think we all have really long lists - that's why we joined up! good luck with yours. that fabric will disappear over time if we keep at it. =)

  4. Love that you listed more than enough too! I wrote out quite a few New Fo and UFOs myself and figure I have plenty of wiggle room so I may roam wherever my muse leads. LOL That is a cute and bright quilt, really like it too. Jane

  5. Kind of scary to put it all out there. I did not realize how much fabric I really had. Oh boy.


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